Project EU7
Client City of Neu-Ulm +
Year 2003
Status EU competition
Site 4,8 ha
Team Marisol Rivas
  Christian Schmutz

A-U-R-A EU7 (460KB)

The primary master plan was conceived for an original estimate of around 6.000 inhabitants and it was designed as a dense urban scheme with classical urban squares. Since the final number of inhabitants will not now exceed more than 3.000 we propose another kind of urbanity: this consists of so-called 'urban pockets' that are located within a network of urban functions, meant to be places and destinations within comfortable distances.

Their one-story buildings contrast with the higher punctual [GJ1]housing in the area. The largest of these urban pockets connects the central green strip to the adjacent neighborhoods. The smaller ones (partly just with shelters) serve as informal meeting points and link the area with the surrounding. On the western edge a high rise marks the entrance to the area. The raw fragmentation of the existing master plan is picked up as a refined idea for the new housing that are west-east-permeable. This operation enhances the feeling of living in the greenery. Two slabs embrace a lifted yard that gives access to the apartments. Each slab accommodates apartments between 55 and 120 sqm. The sticking out of the apartments allow for a stronger individual lifestyle and generous outdoor spaces.

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