Project WAN

NUWOG, Neu-Ulm

Year 2008
Status Invited competition
Budget 2.250.000 €
Site 1.886 m²
Gross Building Area 2.348 m²
Effective Area + 172 m²
Living Area 1.343 m²
Gross Building Vol. 6.735 m³

el:ch, Munich


Prof. Schreiber, Ulm

Structure Schreiber, Stuttgart
Team Marisol Rivas
Christian Schmutz

A-U-R-A WAN (385KB)

As part of the model project 'e% – Energy-efficient Housing' of the State of Bavaria it is the aim of the concept to integrate the energy demands and the joint living of young and elderly people.

The former barracks form the spatial frame for the new building that is conceived with its outdoor plant as an intarsia. It encases the barrack yard and reacts with its height to the adjacent elderly home Albertinum. A strip through the building connects the entrance from the North with the common spaces and the garden to the South.

The enclosed gallery gives not only access to the flats (suitable for handicapped) but also forms the daily space for communication among the inhabitants with niches and double heights between the storerooms. There are various flat sizes for young and old, for singles and families on each level. All flats are barrier-free (DIN 18025 Part 2), the bigger ones can be easily adapted for handicapped people (DIN 18025 Part 1).
The highly isolating skin consisting of insulated brick work and triple glazing enables the achievement of the energy requirements in combination with the central ventilation recuperation system. Solar panels and a grey water system complement the technical concept.

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