Project OMJ

City of Ulm

Year 2010
Status Invited competition
Site 4.521 m²
Gross Building Area 941 m²
Effective Area + 244 m²
Living Area 365 m²
Gross Building Vol. 2660 m³

el:ch, Munich


Birgit Brauner
Marisol Rivas
Christian Schmutz

A-U-R-A OMJ (590KB)

To preserve the old town hall is the starting point of the design. As one of the last remaining original buildings, it forms an important identify with the township for locals.

A long seating bench in front of the town hall and the listed rectory underlines their significance. From here the square extends for various uses. A uniform pavement of granite cobblestones in small format covers the road, footpaths and crossings.

The administration of the township is located on the ground floor of the town hall, accessible both from the street and the back for people with disabilities. The foyer reaches through the whole building, dividing the floor into administration and event areas. Four apartments on the upper floors have their own entrance. For better use the roof is lifted up by one meter, which also enhances the presence of the building in the urban fabric. An annex in the back with storage rooms separates the private garden from the public. The substantial character of the facades is maintained while new window divisions and metal shutters accentuate and decorate the building anew.

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Former town hall and rectory as central elements

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