Project IPU
Client City of Ulm 
Year 2008
Status Invited competition
Budget 300.000 €
Gross Building Area 105 m²
Effective Area 75 m²
Gross Building Vol. 717 m³
Technical Engineering Prof. Schreiber, Ulm
Team Ursula Frick
Thomas Grabner
Marisol Rivas
Christian Schmutz

A-U-R-A IPU (524KB)

The Information Point 'City Bahnhof Ulm' is the first built structure that represents a kind of overture for the correspondent large-scale project of the City of Ulm.

Within the almost chaotic environment of the station the intended presence of the pavilion is achieved by abstracting its volume, its materialization, its openings and accentuations in terms of color. Its refined cubic figure is in contrast to this heterogeneous context. The pavilion is conceived as a cube filled with information which radiates its content about the future development of the station area to the outside into the public space through the 'Window of the Future'. Sliding walls give the interior a programmatically open structure. Thus the pavilion can adapt to the constantly changing exhibitions that come up during the different phases of the long-term large-scale project.

What would be a 'construction-site pavilion' without views? Especially since the construction time is short. On the terrace the current status and the target state are juxtaposed. The visitor can have a glimpse onto the construction sites through circular openings while simultaneously comparing these with renderings of the projects that are plated on the inner side of the facade. On top of the glossy stainless facades graphics are proposed that form, in a kind of a half-tone, the architectonic icons of the cities along the high speed train line Paris - Ulm - Budapest.

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Night view

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