Project GAN
Client Evang. Luth.
  Andreaskirche, Ludwigsfeld
Year 2008
Status Invited competition
Budget 800.000 €
Site 5.713 m²
Gross Building Area 374 m²
Effective Area 276 m²
Gross Building Vol. 1.600 m³
Team Ursula Frick
Thomas Grabner
Marisol Rivas
Christian Schmutz

A-U-R-A GAN (291KB)

The existing congregation centre will be replaced by a new building in the same place while accommodating additional functions.

An ensemble is proposed where on the one hand the buildings start to enter into a dialogue with each other in respect of their concise introspective forms and on the other hand clearly defined exteriors are assigned to the buildings and their interiors. The space of the courtyard is precisely shaped with the church tower finding its appropriate location. The sloped roof of the new structure composes a calm, straight line in front of the tower that suspensefully unfolds its vertical effect.

The congregation hall constitutes the built centre, the connecting space, the common meeting point and the ball room for the community. It is directly accessible and visible from the churchyard as well as from the kindergarten. The internal programmatic organization allows for parallel multiple uses without mutual disturbance. While the new building is independent from the existing buildings, its closed facades are made of whitened bricks so to better blend it with its surrounding.

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Ensemble of existing and new buildings

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