Project BBM

Landkreis Bad Kissingen


Caritas Schulen gGmbH

Year 2015
Status Open two-phase
  Finalist 2nd phase
Site 18.188 m²
Usable Area (UA) 6.485 m²
Landscape Lavaland + Treibhaus,
Team Lukas Mühle
Marisol Rivas
Christian Schmutz

A-U-R-A BBM (336KB)

The new Vocational Training Centre in Münnerstadt seeks to meet the demand for qualified personnel in social and vocational areas by offering professional degrees to the youth and adults from the district of Bad Kissingen and beyond.

The site for the new centre is bordered to the North by the federal road B287 and to the South by the Saint-Josef-Seminar, a 19th-century listed building. Three conditions had to be resolved in the design scheme: a matching scale that reconciles the extensive architectural program with the small structured urban fabric, an architectural and urban connection to the old seminary and a legible organization of the various departments within the new centre. The building is conceived as a series of three volumes that adjust themselves to the uneven terrain. Their arrangement forms a central courtyard with the seminar building establishing a kind of mirror relationship between the new and old architecture. Thus it reinforces the presence of the historic building and organizes the main accesses to the centre in a natural manner.

Vertically the centre is divided into three storeys. All common uses are located on the entrance level and serve as a unifying space. The courtyard leads directly to the main hall that can be extended for bigger events by means of mobile walls towards the multipurpose rooms. On the upper levels a street-like corridor connects the three volumes, from which services, stairs and learning and gathering niches can be reached. The materials used refer to the context: the facades are covered with ochre bricks similar in color and texture to the seminary building. The windows are framed by concrete prefabricated elements, in which the sunscreen is incorporated. The arcades connect the cafeteria and the main hall and enter into dialogue with the existing building.

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The building is conceived as a series of three volumes that form a courtyard with the seminar building.

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