Project BMD

Bauhaus Dessau

Year 2015
Status International open
Budget 15.500.000 €
Site 10.950 m²
Gross Floor Area (GFA) 5.408 m²
Usable Area (UA) 3.889 m²
Gross Volume (GV) 35.798 m³
In cooperation with MX_SI, Barcelona
Team Lukas Mühle
Marisol Rivas
Christian Schmutz

A-U-R-A BMD (467KB)

The new Museum Bauhaus Dessau becomes a lively stage, almost like a machine that continuously renews the presentation of its exhibits. Its two-storey horizontal building is silhouetted against the surrounding context. The entrances are placed on the urban connection between train station and Ratsgasse. The Forum joins the sequence of public spaces as a cultural urban interior. It serves as a space for all kinds of events that visitor services, group areas and the temporary exhibition are annexed to.

The 'Cosmos Bauhaus' is situated in the upper floor. The tour crosses thematically all Topoi and leads then again downstairs to the temporary exhibition. In case this has to be temporarily enlarged the last two Topoi can be adapted, directly connected with the stair. This spatial layout provides the exhibition area with a high degree of functional flexibility. The Topoi represent themselves as cubes in the building volume. Outside views are generated. Delivery and logistics are placed at the northern edge, wherefrom materials and exhibits are fetched by a portal crane into the exhibition spaces while the museum is fully operating. This mobile structure creates a maximum of organizational flexibility for the museum and the visitor can directly experience the dynamic transformation of the exhibition areas.

Trees and artificial slopes structure the topography and generate views. A parking lot is embedded to the east of the Y-high rises into the artificial topography. The chosen position of the museum leaves the monument for the victims of fascism, the Alberto-Adriano-memorial stele in place and the majority of trees untouched.

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Connection as a sequence of public spaces

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