Project AMG

Wohn + Stadtbau GmbH



Year 2015
Status Limited competition
Site 6.187 m²
Gross Building Area 9.932 m²
Appartments 66
Living Area 4.831 m²
Gross Building Vol.

29.953 m³

Team Lukas Mühle
Marisol Rivas
Christian Schmutz

A-U-R-A AMG (369KB)

The site is located in Münster-Gievenbeck, a suburban quarter that emerged on a landscape formerly used by agriculture. All around one finds open structures with lots of greenery in a variety of housing typologies. The new housing shall be established for rent and proprietary in high density at a FAR of 1.0.

Seven three-storey buildings line up in staggered order along the street Arnheimweg. Differentiated exterior spaces emerge. Common gardens to the south and urban-like entrance yards towards the street give an open and loose character to the complex. Penthouses as set-backs accentuate the semi-public entrance yards, from where one accesses the houses. The identity of the complex is shaped by the manifold design of the outer space and by the chromatic facades of the courtyards. The buildings form outward a clearly defined ensemble by their unpretentious volumes.

22 flats let for rent are located in the two houses to the Northeast, 44 freehold flats in the five houses to the Southwest. Central staircases with skylight give access to two, three and four flats per floor. Correspondent to the specifications of the program l-shaped, barrier-free and multi-orientated flats are generated that provide generous and diversified characters with outside views. Each house has its own naturally exposed laundry in the basement next to the storerooms and a direct access to the underground parking. A lively and mixed housing estate is developed for inhabitants of different social segments.

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