Project WAF
Client Municipality of Neuhausen
+ Siedlungswerk GmbH
Year 2015
Status Limited competition
Site 5,2 ha
Housing units 223
Landscape Silands, Ulm


Team Alicia Ruiz Caballero
Lorène Gösele
Marisol Rivas
Christian Schmutz

A-U-R-A WAF (561KB)

The site formerly used by the Sparkassen- akademie will be transformed into a lively manifold residential area. Its location is informed by characterful margins: the school area in the North, the dense forest in the South and the meadows with fruit trees in the East. The connections and relations to their qualities form one of the key aspects of the design concept.

Different housing types - apartment buildings and one family houses - fill the building plots that are scaled in adequate sizes. They are perceived as neighbourhoods with smaller squares for informal meeting. The differentiated placement of the multi-storey dwellings breaks the big amount of the private residential buildings. A monotypic character is avoided. This social stirring of housing types on the building plots represents itself in diversified streetscapes. A new residential area for 700 to 800 inhabitants emerges with 28 one family houses, 44 row and double houses, 148 apartments in various sizes and an integrative housing offer for refugees.

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