Project FSU

City of Ulm

Year 2007
Status Invited competition
Budget 2.300.000 €
Site 7.562 m²
Gross Building Area 2.204 m²
Effective Area 1.550 m²
Gross Building Vol. 8.760 m³

Grabner, Munich

Technical Engineering

Prof. Schreiber, Ulm

Lighting Design Bartenbach,
Team Andreas Hardegger
Marisol Rivas
Christian Schmutz

A-U-R-A FSU (350KB)

After a fire demolished the post-war building of the primary school a new building had to be erected on the same site. Additionally it had to include spaces to be collectively used full-time by the school and the nearby kindergarden.

The new schoolyard gives a common access to the site for both the school and the kindergarten. The structural separation between both institutions is preserved in order to avoid possible conflicts between the different age groups. A pergola connects the kindergarten to the multi-purpose room of the school.
An important issue of the design scheme is to provide a learning landscape to the children where they can experience learning through indoors as well as outdoors activities. The whole education area is situated on one level. The class rooms have their own open spaces i.e. their own class gardens. The corridors extend to small niches along the patios and create small oases for pupils' private retreat. Spatial extensions in the classrooms provide teachers with the possibility to organize individual teaching in smaller groups. The multi-use rooms are centrally placed between the classrooms with natural light from the patios

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