Project FTS
Client City of Schriesheim
Jahr 2014
Status Limited urban design
ideas competition
Site 4,8 ha
Landscape Silands
Team Jule Heer
Marisol Rivas
Christian Schmutz

A-U-R-A FTS (709KB)

The fair ground at the edge of the city core shall be upgraded and reimplemented into its surroundings. The annual fair "Mathaisemarkt" shall be spatially reorganized but kept in its current location.

In order to maintain the spatial continuity of the fair ground the new fire department is placed in the West as a counterpart to the town hall in the East. A new building for services or cultural use occupies the vacant site of the fire department. The vast space is structured into two areas by means of landscape: a public square in front of the town hall and a parking lot enclosed by tree perimeters.

The Uzès Square becomes an urban square in front of the town hall acting as a platform for markets and all kind of public events. Three design elements shape its appearance: a pavilion with a generous shed, a grove close to the coffee bar at the creek and a water play with nozzles embedded into the surface. The creek is uncovered and widened up. Stairs lead to the creek onto a terrace to linger alongside the water. The annual Mathaisemarkt remains in place as an event giving identity to the area. 

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Green connection from the main road to the city core

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