Project EFB


Location Burlafingen
Year 2006 - 2007
Status Completed
Gross Building Area 340 m²
Gross Building Vol. 1.035 m³
Site Supervision Kurz
Team Marisol Rivas
Christian Schmutz

A-U-R-A EFB (778KB)

The residential building built in the late 50s in a village is reprogrammed while the run-down annex is replaced by a new one. Its strange barn-like figure gives it a special personality.

The residential functions are reallocated in the interior. The kitchen moves from the main building to the annex so as to be right beside the garage and orientated to the private garden. An open concrete wall separates the 'back kitchen' with less often used equipment from the eat-in kitchen. Two generous openings in the separation wall between the two building parts connect to the living room and to the new stairs that is made as a tiled slab out of steel. The new annex has a facade of linear high-density stratified timber panels that underlines its character in contrast to the main building.

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