Project JSW

City of Bad Winsheim

Year 2012
Status Commission,

5.663 m²

In cooperation with

Dr. Anette Gangler/
URP, Stuttgart


Marisol Rivas
Christian Schmutz

A-U-R-A JSW (479KB)

In 2011 the Frankenbrunnen Foundation organized a contest for pupils on the occasion of the 50 years anniversary of the spa town Bad Windsheim. The ideas originated served as a starting point for the redesign of the area between the train station and the historic centre. Water as a major topic should be introduced to pedestrians and visitors.

A new paving connects the train station with the Spitalwall, points the direction and makes it easy to non-residents to find the way to the historic centre. All crossings are barrier-free. Statues welcome passengers, stone benches and illuminated sofas invite them to linger on the square. A new fountain characterized by the city arms is placed at the street Oberntiefer Straße. A new playground at the intersection of Johanniterstraße and Spitalwall is designed with waterplays and a wooden tower. In combination with a footprint in the pavement of the former Johannitertor, a fortification tower, it illustrates the entrance to the historic centre. A guidance system with steles provides information and orientation in the urban fabric.

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