Project WSI

IIG - Innsbrucker
Immobilien GmbH
& Co KG

Year 2011
Status EU-open competition
Budget 15.500.000 €
Site 4.845 m²
Gross Building Area 19.775 m²
Appartments 132
Living Area 8.080 m²
Gross Building Vol.

57.903 m³


el:ch, Munich


Moling, Innsbruck


Birgit Brauner
Marisol Rivas
Christian Schmutz

A-U-R-A WSI (336KB)

The task is to replace the existing block dating from the interwar period with its very small flats with a new building containing approx. 130 social flats that range in five sizes between 45 and 95 sqm. Besides the preservation of the four lime trees giving identity to the block the idea of communal living of various generations is of special importance.

The idea of the former U-shaped perimeter building is carried on and reinterpreted. The backyard turns into a common inner courtyard, approx. 1 m above street level that forms the access to the building. Three openings link it to the surroundings. Generous staircases are joined directly to the openings and structure the building into five manageable units each containing 6 flats per level. Bulges in the galleries provide spaces of encounter for the inhabitants. All flats have open areas that are directly accessible from the kitchens with views to the common courtyard. All flats are orientated to both sides. Because their layouts are configured with use-neutral rooms of 13 to 15 sqm, they can easily accommodate various forms of living. The L-shaped floor plans of the flats are combined with the structural requirements of the underground parking by changing the construction grid from the courtyard side (5,00 m – eat-in kitchen) to the street side (3,33 m – individual rooms). The ventilation recuperation system under the sloped roof (de)aerates the flats through centrally located shafts.

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