Project HAV
Client 3rd International
Architecture Biennale
Rotterdam (IABR)
Year 2007
Status Study, completed
Exhibition Kunsthal, Rotterdam
in cooperation with fündc, Madrid
Team Marisol Rivas
Christian Schmutz

A-U-R-A HAV (643KB)

With two-thirds of the world's population living in cities by 2050, the twenty-first century will be the urban epoch. How then will the city further develop? And who will bear responsibility for its future? — Visionary Power.

With a 3-scale strategy for Havana the attempt was made to answer the above questions and the given threefold assignment: 'select an urban force that matches your own projects and research; indicate a city in which this force is strikingly manifest; and create an architectural strategy to deal with this phenomenon.'

'Challenging the Powers of Spectacle'¹
A key power in the production of today´s cities is their transformation, due to Tourism, into spaces of consumption – their 'Spectacle-ization'.² Several cities in the modern capitalist world, as well as in the remains of the socialist era, have gone through a process of Spectacle-ization, but none have done it like Havana, which in the space of six decades has gone from Spectacle-ization to De-spectacle-ization to Re-spectacle-ization while keeping the same building substance.

Three proposed interventions are a critical reappraisal of the possibilities of the City as a concept. Each one is an incursion into the powers that have, are and will be shaping Havana; an attempt to anticipate its future in the hope that as the city is further absorbed by the global tourist machine, it will continue to develop a meaning of its own.

¹ Contribution to 'Visionary Power' exhibition
  at the 3rd IABR.
² Urry, John, 2007, 'Cities of spectacle', IABR:
  Visionary Power [Catalogue] NAi Publishers,
  Rotterdam, pp. 131-141.

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Primary locations of Spectacle in Havana

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