Project JHU
Client City of Ulm
Jahr 2005, 2007-2008
Status Completed,
Limited competition
  1st Prize
Total Cost 425.000 €
Site 2.568 m²
Lighting Design Bartenbach, Innsbruck
Team Andreas Hardegger
Marisol Rivas
Christian Schmutz

A-U-R-A JHU (410KB)

Removing the parking from the Judenhof opens up the opportunity to create an attractive urban place within the network of squares in the urban fabric. The square is enclosed on all four-sides and. With its clear size and proportion the Judenhof has the quality to become a kind of 'living room' within the urban fabric that is suitable for smaller events.

A continuous surface is created whose pavement of basalt cobbles flows from the adjacent alleys into the square. In order to give the square a clear defined character a field is proposed that structures the space similar to a carpet in a room. It is formed by slabs of limestone in three different formats that create a kind of woven fabric texture through their band-like array. Around the fountain underneath the trees a water-bound rectangular surface is inserted into the limestone  that is framed by a relief-like text ribbon of metal. This written seam contains a short chronicle of the naming and history of the Judenhof.

The illumination consists of three elements coordinated with each other: lighting in the trees, the illumination of the facade and the pole lights at the northern edge of the square. In doing so the vertical boundaries of the square and the ensemble around the fountain form the actual illumination design on the square.
The open and generous design gives place to a variable use for various urban activities.

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