Project CBU
Client City of Ulm with
  DB Immobilien GmbH
Year 2011
Status Limited competition
Site 22 ha
Gross Building Area 197.000 m²
Traffic Engineering Hans Billinger, Stuttgart
Animation Neutral, London
Model Moling, Innsbruck
Team Birgit Brauner
Marius Ege
Marisol Rivas
Christian Schmutz

A-U-R-A CBU (852KB)

In the course of the new ICE railway line Ulm - Stuttgart the train station and its surroundings shall be rearranged and redesigned. Special attention is paid to the relationship between the urban body and the permanent way at a local scale (platform accesses) and at the larger scale (path network).

The design scheme generates the different areas from their own logic and relates them to each other. The theatre is freed in the Theatre Quarter (1) whose block structure carries on the baroque part of the city. It finds its corresponding element with the new Cultural Centre (2) in the former post delivery station so as to strengthen the already existing cultural identity of the quarter. The Service Centre North (3) containing university facilities is embedded into the quarter. The Train Station and the existing hotel are combined into one solitary building (4) with free views towards the platforms from the public space. Besides facilities for the DB it includes function spaces that are shared with the Service Centre North. The bus station is overbuilt by the u-shaped Service Centre South (5) that is meant to host medical services. Two clear square areas emerge around the station building: to the North for taxis and kiss&ride, in the South for pedestrians coming from the trains or buses that will head on towards the inner city over a broad even street crossing. The Schillerrampe (7) develops an urban texture on its own where prominent high slabs on top of large-area programs relate to the surroundings.

Three crossings are generated between the East and the West that all give access to the station platforms. The passage on level -1 connects the inner city conveniently with the Station Entry West (6) casually passing by the Sedelhöfe shopping mall. The existing pedestrian bridge is integrated into the Service Centre South and complemented with stairs to the platforms. To the North a second pedestrian bridge makes up a new connection for cyclists and commuters by bike that can park them right on the bridge being close to the platforms. Thus the train station and the bus station are integrated into the urban fabric and the network of paths.

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Development of the different quarters:

1 Theatre Quarter | 2 Cultural Centre in the former post delivery station | 3 Service Centre North | 4 Main Station |
5 Service Centre South above bus station | 6 Station Entry West | 7 Schillerrampe with buildings for working

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