Project ZBN
Client City of Neu-Ulm
  Procon Object
  Neu-Ulm GmbH
Year 2009
Status Invited competition
2nd Prize
Site 4.176 m²
Gross Building Area 7.500 m²
Team Marisol Rivas
Christian Schmutz

A-U-R-A ZBN (336KB)

The plot is a part of an urban block that is situated within the transition from the perimeter blocks of the inner city to the open building types in the South. Its heterogeneous fabric is coined by the partly complete perimeter block buildings at the northern edge, listed remains of the former fortification to the West and the East, a planned art gallery and a slab-like planned building.

The new building is serves to complete the block and to restructure and clarify its built parts and elements. The slab-like building to the West is included. Two housing slabs rest on a two-story base that rises up to six levels towards the art gallery and provides a spatial frame for the art gallery in interplay with the buildings to the North.

 Living and working are intertwined without constraining each other. Housing is oriented towards the inner block yard. Shops, small business and offices are located at the southern edge. Trees form spatial accents in the block yard. A second row of trees along the cul-de-sac overrides the turning area and leads with the existing trees alley-like to the art gallery.

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View east along the cul-de-sac street | In the foreground the previously planned building that will be integrated by the comb-like structure, in the background the main exhibition building.

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