Project WGN
Client City of Neu-Ulm +
Investors Casa Nova GmbH
  Inhofer Wohnbau
  Munk GmbH
  Realgrund AG
Year 2007
Status Invited competition
Realization Prize
Site 4,1 ha
Gross Building Area 54.460 m²
Noise Protection

Prof. Ertel, Stuttgart


Grabner, Munich


Andreas Hardegger
Marisol Rivas
Christian Schmutz

A-U-R-A WGN (390KB)

The lowering down of the railway removes the separation between the inner city and the southern adjacent Glacispark. With this urban bridging a building development is proposed that significantly gains from the scenic situation at the Glacispark.

A long building placed parallel to the railways acts as a deflector against the noise emission from the railway and facilitates calm living towards the Glacis Park. An ensemble of similar urban and architectonic buildings is placed on the four plots, city mansions that form clear and manageable housing communities and keep the public space open towards the park. The deflector building is accessed from the North. Within the area a play street links the plots with the surrounding. Underground parking is allocated directly beneath the houses. Approximately 2/3 of these are accessed from the North in order to relieve the play street.

 Each apartment has a private outdoor space in relation to the Glacis. All apartment rooms are naturally ventilated and have natural light. The winter garden at the facade towards the trough protects the flats from the noise. Individual sleeping and living rooms are faced away from the railway noise towards the park.

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Site plan

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