Projekt EAM
Bauherr Evangelical Lutheran
  Church Mannheim
Jahr 2016
Status Open competition
  6th Place
Grundstück 5.139 m²
Gross Building Area 3.534 m²
Team Marisol Rivas
Christian Schmutz

A-U-R-A EAM (221KB)

The fundamental idea of the scheme, which is flanked by housing, is to create a structurally defined core for the concept „Church of Culture“.

The listed building ensemble church and church tower is complemented by a new building for nursery and kindergarten. Together, they conform the above mentioned core and organize the main access to the site. The new building also serves as a supporting structure; secondary rooms, necessary for bigger events of the „Church of Culture“ are placed here.
In the West, a cluster of four three-story buildings for multigenerational living and two duplex houses for co-housing is proposed. Their extents relate to that of the surroundings.

The open spaces running from East to West grade themselves from public to private. A passage between kindergarten and multigenerational dwellings connects the streets Andreas-Hofer-Straße and Arndtstraße. The small entrance yard at the residential buildings forms an informal meeting place with public seating options.

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Figure-ground plan

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