Project BAR
Client City of Rottenburg
Year 2015
Status Limited competition
  4th Prize
Site 6,4 ha
Landscape Silands
Team Lukas Mühle
Marisol Rivas
Christian Schmutz

A-U-R-A BAR (2.081KB)

The proposal for the reorganization of the train station area focuses on urban relations and an articulated network of open spaces, buildings and mobility systems. The efficiency of the latter
plays a fundamental role in the design proposal.

To the East of the old train station the different mobility offers are arranged in a band that spans along the Poststrasse. The band is emphasized by a continuos pavement that marks it as a shared space. A "green station" made out of a tree canopy defines the waiting area for both, bus and train passengers. Along the band carefully placed openings frame various views towards the Hermitage, a characteristic building ensemble that provides identity to the area.
The Bermuda Area to the East is transformed into a living block with services. The former slaughterhouse along the Neckar River acquires the role of a cultural centre.

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