Project KRH
Client City of Heidelberg
Year 2014
Status Open urban planning
ideas competition
  3rd Prize
Site 9,5 ha
Gross Building Area 68.250 m²
Landscape Silands, Ulm
Animation Stefan Cichosz
Team Jule Heer
Marisol Rivas
Christian Schmutz

A-U-R-A KRH (1.158KB)

The conversion area in the south of Heidelberg is transformed into a town piece that embeds the former white spot into the surrounding urban fabric. This opening happens to be in a balance of maintaining existing structures and of introducing new qualities of a sustainable urban quarter.

The main concept consists of three open spaces that link the site with its surroundings and structure it into manageable building plots: a central park, a band reaching from east to west and a square for the quarter. Smaller public programs are put in place on the tree esplanade: a youth club in the ancient gatehouse, a café for the quarter in the former church and a small library.
The two listed halls are utilized as a theatre and as a big space for events for the whole quarter. The historic barracks along the Karlsruher Straße lend themselves to commercial use like offices. Typologies in varying kind and density fill the building plots. Four-storey slabs form courtyards. Townhouses and detached urban villas with three and four storeys complement the manifold offer of housing for different groups of inhabitants.

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Figure ground plan

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